Literature, poetry, and paintings of Pakistan


Pakistan came into existence in 1947 and for all technical reasons this is the year that should be marked as the root year for the country’s literary history.

Pakistan has sometimes been considered a land bereft of world class authors. However, with the growing number of educated Pakistanis who pride themselves in their abilities to look within and convey their cultural distinctiveness, the literary ethos of the country is undergoing a massive transformation. As the young Pakistani author Daniyal Mueenuddin put it: we live much more social live than in the west. Sadaat Hasan Manto is one of the famous author of Pakistan, possibly the most renowned Pakistani author, MANTO was born in a time of turmoil, namely the pre-independence era of Punjab . it was here in 1995 that he published TOBA TEK SINGH, his most famous short story. It tells tale of inmates in Lahore asylum who are transferred it to India following partition. The story is a metaphor for the incongruous sentiment that a large number of sub continental citizens shared on the day of the partition of not knowing which country they belonged to anymore. The story, among others, features in his short story collection.

The literature influence in the country was not immediate.

Following independence, Pakistan has struggled to create a literary tradition which reflects the distinctiveness of its culture. As Pratiek Sparsh Samantara discovers, the writers who emerged in these formative years of Pakistani literature created a legacy for successive generations of authors, all of whom were eager to portray the mindset and spirit of their nation. And there are so many of amazing writers, authors, poets in the Pakistan. Pakistan is the very famous country in its people, beauty, nature, culture. Pakistan is blessed with multi talented people in which the number of so many of arts. Painters and calligraphers are playing a vital role in making our country poplars’ in the world. Their paintings are very popular in the world.   Display on an international level. Their paintings are popular and got worldwide recognizing. In Pakistan, there are so many famous painters like Sadequain, Abdul Rehman chugtai, Wahab Jaffe . Here are some famous paintings of Pakistan. These paintings are showing art, creativity, thoughts, and appealing art with paints and color. The paintings are the kind of thoughts and action.


If we talk about painting portion of Pakistan it’s also amazing and attractive work we had been seeing in the Pakistan. History of Pakistani art has been written. Although the country of Pakistan is full of trained and art historians, yet have been number of books on Pakistani art an .interestingly, in some of these the issue of Bengali artists, who were part of Pakistani art’s narrative is dealt in a particular manner. In the first book, art in Pakistan by Jalal Udden Ahmed published in1954 one could not find a divide between artists from eastern and western of Pakistan. the classification is more on the basis of genre and generations, in the second book on Pakistani art, painting in Pakistan by Ijaz ul Hassan “printed in 1991” one can see the similar sort of classification. So instead of separating artists on the base of their regional identities, they are discussed according to their visual Concerned and pictorial. Painters like Aminul Islam, Murtaza Bashir and syed Jehangir from East Pakistan are mentioned alongwith Raheel Akhber Javed, Ajmal hussain and Lubna Agha from West Pakistan are in the same chapter. Marscella Neson sirhandi 1992 and painters of Pakistan by S.Amjad Ali 1995 artists from former East Pakistan are discussed, but now in segregated sections highlighted their links with former province. In another important publications on Pakistani art, image and identity Akber Naqvi 1998 one come across separate entire on individual artists from east Pakistan, but in a small sub chapter under the heading of ‘The Bangla Associated 1947-71 with space allocated to all those artists not bigger than granted to single artists Gulgee, etc. the example of Art through the ages is prime came in this regard. Now with its 14th edition in circulation, the book was first published in 1926. If one compares its different edition, one realizes how the approach towards, what is art ad what can be history has changes through the ages. In earlier editions, the focus is more on the Western Europe art, with its origin in Greek, Egyptian civilizations and in prehistoric caves caving.


if we talk about the world of poetry in Pakistan so that’s Pakistan has a rich and diverse tradition of poetry that includes Urdu, poetry, English poetry, Sindhi poetry, Pashto poetry, Punjabi poetry, siraiki poetry, balochi poetry, kashmiri poetry, sufi poetry has a strong tradition in Pakistan and the poetry of popular sufi poets is often recited and sung.

Persian poetry is still common in Pakistan as literary vehicle because of the centuries of Persian influence on the region. Many sufi poets wrote their kalam in Persian’s national poet Allama Mohammas Iqab also wrote many volume of poetry in Persian. Poetry is widely read across Pakistan. Gatherings for the recitations of poetry known as Mushara frequently take place. Verses of popular poets are also political slogans by political activities. And The national poet of Pakistan is Mohammad Iqbal. Poetry is lovable source which poets used for explain their emotions. Many poets are famous in Pakistan history like ALLAM IQBAL. faiz waris, sha amjad etc. Allama iqbal is our national poet of Pakistan. He has written many poems in his life. Many books are available in Pakistan which full off poetry.  People read these books and enjoy it. People like old poetry and used on different moment. Numbering poets written their poetry on Pakistani problems. Old poetry is very wonderful which used in books, novels, magazines poetry gives us any suggestion for our life which very important part of our lives.

Zainab Qadeer Ahmed

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